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New Councilman appointed to seat

Tuesday’s city council meeting opened with a vacant seat on the council but by the end of the meeting, there would be a new representative for district five

Ross Priddy, a longtime jackson resident, was voted in by the council out of the four candidates that included former Council Person Anna Parks Covington

For Priddy, the win has stirred a lot of emotion, but he is ready to get started its a mix of emotions, it feels humbling and exciting all at the same time I have a lot to learn and a lot a head of me so I’m excited to get to work

Before running for the council seat, Priddy had been working on becoming more active in the community since he returned to jackson a few years ago

Priddy says moving back a few years ago and getting involved with leadership jackson and some projects with downtown development and the chamber and just seeing the needs and wanting to help out where i can

With being a councilman comes making some tough decisions but Priddy says he is ready for the responsibility of the position

Priddy says, “I definitely realize there will be some controversial issues that will come up, that I will have to vote on that might not be easy to do so but my approach is to do as much homework as possible and seek the counsel of my fellow counselors and listen to my constituents in district five and do what’s best for them”.

Priddy will serve in this role until August of 2018, when he will be subjected to an election to remain the district five councilman until the next municipal election in May of 2019.

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