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Haywood High Students Protest

After some disturbing social media posts including racial slurs emerged out of Haywood High school…hundreds of students developed what turned out to be the biggest protest in the school’s history.

Screenshots of snap-chat messages showing students using hate speech, racial slurs, and even making threats became public over the weekend…some even going so far as to suggest they find an African American student and quote make an example out of him.

We’re in class with these and we don’t know that they’re out to kill us, so now that we know, it’s just not safe for them to be out here with us. It’s not safe at all. Because I’m one of the smaller kids in the school, it’s be easy for me to be made an example.

Malik green…a senior at Haywood…is one of the organizers and the leader of today’s walkout…where at least 200 students left school this morning…wearing all black…and demanding justice.

With people like this, standing up for something right, standing up for something positive, I’m extremely proud. I’m at a loss for words, I’m excited.

Parents and community members even showed up to offer their support and to stand in solidarity.

This issue of disrespect, this issue of racial terrorism has not gone away, and i think we need to constantly press against that kind of thing, and I’m very encouraged by the way they’re doing it.

In a statement from Haywood County Schools…. Superintendent Joey Hassell says there will be no criminal charges against the students who posted these obscenities…but an investigation through the school district will determine what actions will be taken at Haywood high school.

Right now,there are no clear consequences for the posts.

Will this institution, will this school, be true and say, wait a minute, those of you in leadership position, in administration, if you didn’t do what was appropriate, you need to move on.

The protesting students say they will continue this walkout every day until justice is served.

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