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Music of Jackson

Thursday, November 23

  • Lauren Pritchard, The Downtown Tavern, 7pm

  • Thanksgiving Karaoke, This Is It Bar (Halls), 9pm

Friday, November 24

  • Southern Fire Band, International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame, 7pm

  • Kimberlie Helton, Samuel T. Bryant Distillery, 7pm

  • Tyler Goodson & The Farmers Market Band, Mulligans, 7pm

  • Brandon Lewis, The Naked Turtle, 8pm

  • DrT & The Generations, Redbones, 8pm

  • John Sutton, Blues Landing (Buchanan), 8pm

  • Overdrive III, Ray’s Hideout (Bethel Springs), 8pm

  • The Groove Band, The Mic Stand (Huntingdon), 8:30pm

  • Memphis Yahoo’s, This Is It Bar (Halls), 9pm

  • Tatum Shappley, The Downtown Tavern, 10pm

Saturday, November 25

  • Jackson Sound Concert Series, The Carl Perkins Civic Center, 6pm

  • Wayne Jerrold’s Band, Maxine’s (Savannah), 6pm

  • The Stoner OutKast, The Outsyda, Runaway Rocketship, & MORE, Ricochet Bar, 7pm

  • Kimberlie Helton, Redbones, 8pm

  • Backroad Therapy, American Legion Post 90, 8pm

  • Peter Moon Band, Blues Landing (Buchanan), 8pm

  • Shagadoo & Section Funk, Freddy T’s (Counce), 8pm

  • Eric Stogner, Mulligans, 9pm

  • One Nyte Stand, The Tap, 9pm

  • Jupiter Stone, Twin Oaks (Brownsville), 9pm

  • Buzz Kings, MT Bottles (Bradford), 9pm

  • Jason Childers, The Downtown Tavern, 10pm

Whether it’s an annual event or one of our great live music venues, experience the music only found halfway between Memphis and Nashville in the heart of the Americana Music Triangle! Please share this email with your friends.

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