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A New Way to Experience Impaired Driving Comes to Jackson

JACKSON- You may think of yourself as a good driver, but Madison County Sheriff’s Office is here to show you there’s more to distracted driving than meets the eye, with a technique much more serious than just a video game.

This driving simulation set-up allows people to experience the effects of dangerous driving…whether it be from texting, making phone calls, or having consumed alcohol.

Lieutenant Allen Castleman and other staff at the Sheriff’s Office are bringing the simulator…as well as ‘fatal vision’ goggles, which depict the perception of those with alcohol-impaired vision, to events and schools across the area.

“The importance, there, is to try and keep people alive, ultimately, so that they will make the correct decision, not become distracted while they’re driving, and not use alcohol or drugs when they get behind the wheel,” says Castleman.

The team now transports the set-up via a PSA- filled trailer…showing the dangers of distracted and drunk driving to all who pass by. Their main target? Young drivers.

Lieutenant Castleman says impaired driving is still on the increase.

“We have a lot young drivers, and we want to stress upon them, especially, about the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.”

He says most people consider texting while driving or driving under the influence to be the most dangerous…but there are many other ways drivers can be distracted…

“…such as eating while driving, or looking for something inside the car while driving…anything that’s going to take your attention from your focus point, and that is anything out in front of you, what you’re driving toward.”

Castleman and his team have visited youth groups, universities, and schools…and will be presenting their simulator and goggles at the West Tennessee State Fair next week.

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