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20 Middle Schoolers from Jackson-Madison County treated to a shopping spree for baseball equipment


Baseball season is starting and as Jackson-Madison County Schools began to practice, some students didn’t have the necessary gear. That’s when Academy sports stepped in.

"We all are well aware that not everybody has access to just certain equipment to be let them participate. So when really the stars align in a situation like this where everybody is just able to step it up, help out," Rick Burleson the Senior Regional Marketing Specialist for Academy Sports and Outdoors.'

The store pulled together $3000 to provide twenty Middle School students from Jackson-Madison County with a $150 shopping spree to get the essentials to take the field.

“I was able to buy gloves and some pants and stuff and it was nice cuz, like now I feel like I got my own things. Yeah. And I feel more confident about it," said Jackson-Central Merry 8th grader Kirdarius Dunlap.

Rose Hill 8th grader Darius Turmbow said, “I got a BB-core bat, I got this first baseman glove and some batting gloves… I’m excited I've got my own stuff now. I don’t [have] to keep asking everybody else for their stuff.”

Lack of equipment is often a barrier for kids that want to play baseball. The student's coaches are thankful that Academy Sports gave these twenty Middle School students an equal opportunity

“It gives them opportunities to get the necessary equipment that they need to get out there at least and, you know, give it a shot. Some of them, you know, didn't have everything they needed. As a matter of fact, I had one that pretty much didn't want to come because he didn't have his stuff," said North Parkway Head Coach Kevin Ross.

The students say they are excited for the season ahead with their brand-new gear!

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