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2 dead and 2 injured in shooting on highway 45 intersection

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Last month 2 were killed and 2 were injured in a shooting at the intersection of us highway 45 and north parkway. Jackson Police Chief Thom Corley say’s this was an act of targeted violence. The suspect was detained at a motel in Arkansas and will be extradited back to Tennessee.

on April 29th a shooting occurred at the intersection of us highway 45 and north parkway. The Jackson Police Department teamed up with the US Marshall Service once they realized the suspect was out of their jurisdiction. Yesterday suspect Jadan Jermaine Billls was tracked to a motel in Little Rock, Arkansas where he was arrested without incident not many details were explained about the motive of the shooting; however Chief Corley did share both parties were at the same location before the shooting occurred. Thom Corley (Jackson Police Chief) stated, “the two vehicles that were involved were in the same residential neighborhood nearby. So, they were known to each other.”

Corley stated his concern with this case and many like it is how the community is addressing the increase in violence amongst the youth. Thom Corley (Jackson Police Chief) explained, “this was senseless, this did not need to happen. These young people are hurting and killing themselves over what seems to be trivial things.”

Corley say’s the department has been meeting with several community stakeholders to address and find solutions for the rise in crime amongst the youth. Thom Corley (Jackson Police Chief) emphasized, “we want more to come on board to come shoulder to shoulder with us to address the issue of how our youth are dealing with things with gun violence.”

Chief Corley say’s right now the department is focusing on partnering with stakeholders that will bring programs to the community to decrease this kind of violence.

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