$2.1 Million Will Be Invested into A Busy Intersection on Highway 45

McNairy County (WNBJ)-

Residents say the intersection behind me has been the cause of numerous car crashes over the past years. Now they are happy to see improvements being made to this busy intersection.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation is working to improve the Buena Vista Road and Highway 45 Intersection. Residents say the intersection has been a safety concern for a while. Donnie Strickland (McNairy County Resident) stated, “it’s been a lot of them. They just don’t see the vehicles coming at them. They used to yield in the middle instead of stopping in the middle, then they run right through the stop sign.”

A representative from the Tennessee Department of Transportation says this update is a safety project that will include drainage, lights, and paving. Right now, they are staging the area for work. Barricades and signage have been placed around the vicinity to warn drivers of the road work ahead, but resident James Monroe feels that improvements are not necessarily what the area needs. Safer driving is what he recommends. James Monroe (McNairy County Resident) say’s, “just people just watch what they’re doing. That’d be the best thing. When I say it’s wide-open down through there. If they just watch and look both ways this, that, and the other before they cross. This that and the other.”

Updates on the Buena Vista Road and Highway 45 Intersection are expected to be completed by September of 2022.

Makayla Davis


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