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194th Army National Guard Engineer Brigade presents Sheriff Mehr with state flag

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - In Jackson, the West Tennessee Veterans Coalition had a special presentation today at their monthly meeting.

Guardsmen from the 194th Army National Guard Engineer Brigade presented Madison County Sheriff John Mehr with a significant state flag.

That flag was flown over the 194th Brigade’s Headquarters at Camp Buehring, Kuwait during their recent deployment.

The sheriff’s department escorted the brigade to the Memphis Airport prior to their deployment.

The commander at VFW Post 6496 expressed his appreciation to the sheriff’s department.

“The sheriff's department supports us. One phone call and they are there. For example, they escorted the buses to Memphis Airport when they came home siren blaring, lights glowing. They were just coming hard to stay with them to make them feel very welcome,” said Thomas Buck, the Commander at VFW Post 6496.

The sheriff is dedicated to supporting the troops in every way he can.

“They fought for us, they fought for the flag, and you know if we don’t have them, we don’t have the flag, we don’t have a country,” said John Mehr, the Madison County Sheriff.

Also, at the monthly meeting, the organization honored our own General Manager and Group Director of Marketing and Promotions, Peter Noll, for his work in the organization and continued support.

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