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17-Year-Old Jacob Richmond is Becoming One of Jackson's Youngest Entrepreneurs

JACKSON, Tn.-17-Year-old Jacob Richmond will soon be the owner of Saucy Jakes! A street food restaurant located right here in Jackson.

“Well, I started off working here with my parents and then learned the ins and outs of the business. And then eventually, I just took over. And they passed it down to me.” said Jacob Richmond.

Richmond tells 39 News that he has been preparing to take over the family business for some time. But as a young entrepreneur, he still has a lot to learn. He explains some of the challenges he has faced so far.

“Just transitioning into being an owner from the cook. I've had to learn how to do the business side of things.” says Richmond.

Jacob was originally a cook for Saucy Jakes and was able to share some the popular menu items.

“Really, everything. Like the egg rolls. You can't go wrong with deep fried ribs and wings, because we have 16 different homemade sauces...and the burgers are really good. You really can't go wrong with anything.”

The young entrepreneur in training will be the official owner of Saucy Jakes in October, after he turns 18. He explained that he looks forward to finishing school and focusing on his business full time. Saucy Jakes is located at 936 Campbell Street in Jackson.

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