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15 Inmates in Madison County Receive Manufacturing Certificates

JACKSON, Tn.-Today the Madison County Jail held a graduation for 15 inmates who completed a two-week manufacturing program. This program will equip them with valuable skills they can use in the workforce.

“The program is this ten-day program designed for basic manufacturing skills. It was done in conjunction with Purdue University and the University of Tennessee. And we went together and created this program for materials that we had. It was designed to teach, teach a skill, and then practice that skill,” said Keith Groves UT Center for Industrial Service

Graduate Larry Horton was able to share some of the things he learned while completing the course.

“It teaches you how to read calipers, teaches you about going into the workforce, working with raw materials, metals, measurements, reading calipers and gauges. A refresher for fractions, how to reduce fractions to the lowest common denominator, basically just like college, and school all over again,” he explained.

Horton has a background in computer software programing and looks forward to putting his new skills to use in a leadership role after his release.

“Manufacturing, basically, you know, trying to be a supervisor. Hopefully once they get out of here, you know, instead of just a regular employee,” he said.

When the manufacturer training is completed, inmates receive a certificate and an OSHA safety card. The program instructors encourage the graduates to go to American Job centers that partner with manufacturers. The goal of the training course is to give inmates a pathway to employment in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of repeat offenses. This is the first group to graduate and complete the program in Madison County.

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