Friendly Frank's Flea Market returns and vendors are thankful

Officials with Friendly Franks Flea Market announced that the market is returning to the Jackson Fairgrounds in November. City of Jackson Mayor, Scott Conger, made the decision to close large venues due to COVID-19 concerns but now is allowing some to reopen, with rules. “We’re gonna have stations of hand sanitizing, stations that will be set up around the facility as you walk in and around the perimeter of the facility masks will be required to come inside the facility", says Director of the Jackson Fairgrounds Park, John Robert Mehr, II. Mehr also mentioned that their will be no food or drink inside the facility. The concessions will not open, but they are having food vendors outside where

Local grocery store expands for online shopping

Grubb’s Grocery has a new location here in Jackson, specifically for online orders; the owner says this new addition is necessary as online orders increase. Located in North Jackson on bowling drive, customers can swing through and pick up their groceries in a jiffy. “It’s been going great so far; online orders are strong,” said Chris Felder, the owner of Grubb’s Grocery. Grocery shopping online has been a popular feature for a few years but increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Felder says they have been working on this new addition for about a year. “We’ve been working on getting a store online for about a year now, and with the pandemic, it sort of sped that process along because more

College students prepare to travel home for the Holiday Season amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The Holiday season is right around the corner, and college students are preparing to go home. But some tell me holiday gatherings will be different this year because of COVID-19. “We won’t have like a big gathering like we usually do, it’ll just be a small group of us, and we’re going to make sure we’re wearing our masks,” said De’Shawn Barnes. “Normally, we do like big family gatherings, but I think it’ll be our intermediate family this year,” said Carly Cummings. And before one student can enjoy his holiday festivities, his mother requires him to get tested. “She’s just making sure I get COVID Checked,” Damonte Anderson. White house covid-19 advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci encourages the public

Made in Tennessee: Hockaday Handmade Brooms

One local family continues their legacy of broom making, here in Selmer, Tennessee. Starting with broom corn and ending with a handmade broom. “And he would grow a little broom corn in the summer time and make a few brooms in the winter. Sell em, trade em, that type of thing. So, that’s how it started with my great grandfather", says Jack Martin, 4th generation owner of Hockaday Handmade Broom. Will Martin, the great grandfather of Jack, began making brooms after building his own broom making equipment in the early 1900’s. The family primarily used farming as a source of income and made brooms as a hobby, but after generations of perfecting the craft they finally decided to start a business

Travel Local: Carroll County

Carroll County sits in west Tennessee housing over a dozen towns. The county has many outdoor attractions where visitors spend most of their time exploring. “We’ve got a lot of outdoor, we’ve got Carroll lake, which is over near McKenzie which is a 100 acre lake, we have a golf course, Carroll lake golf course that’s available. We have the sports shooting park for those who like to shoot", says President of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, Brad Hurley. The county’s biggest outdoor attraction is the Carroll County 1000 acre lake. The lake is the largest man made lake in west Tennessee and it started from an idea Huntingdon Mayor, Dale Kelley, had years ago. “This is a unique economic

A few voters in Madison County made up there minds about who to vote for before the final debate

Early voting continues after last night’s final presidential debate, and a few voters said last night’s discussion didn’t have much effect on their final decision because they’ve had their minds made up for a while now. “I think most people watched the debate had their minds made up anyway, and I think it was a toss-up on the debate,” said local voter Randy Birmingham. “I knew who I was going to vote for from the beginning,” said Antonio White. “I knew exactly who I was going to vote for,” said Valerie Lampkin. So Far in Madison County, nearly 18,000 voters used their right to choose who they’d want for president. The day after the final debate marks the eighth day of early voting in Tenness

Ahead of final Presidential Debate, supporters share their thoughts

I am here in Nashville as people prepare for the final presidential debate here at Belmont University. After speaking to a number of voters they are excited to see how this debate plays out. “I mean I am excited to see what happens. I think it is a great opportunity for both parties to make their final points", says Adeline Eden. Tennessee and Nashville particularly will be in the national spotlight tonight as millions will be watching the final presidential debate. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are both scheduled to be in attendance and supporters are looking forward to listening to what they have to say. “I’m feeling nervous because I want trump to do well", sa

TDH's newly released plan for COVID-19 Vaccine distribution

This week, the department of health released a plan for COVID-19 Vaccine distribution. Locals shared how they feel about it and if they’d be willing to get the vaccine once available in health clinics. “Not at first.” said Michael Cherry, a local Jackson resident. “I would probably take it,” said Mark Ramey. “After they get the kinks out, yeah,” said Ariel Incorvaia. health commissioner Lisa Piercy assures Tennesseans that safe, effective, and approved covid-19 vaccines will be released in Tennessee when they are available to reduce the spread of the virus. However, Cherry says he needs proof. even after health officials give the green light to the public, he will until wait before getting t

A local Senator Visits JCM informing students about the U.S Constitution

In Jackson Central-Merry Early College Highschool’s lobby, a group of students gathered with open eyes and ears, listening to what senator Jackson had to say. “My purpose for being here today is to tell you a little bit about state government,” said Jackson. Jackson informed the teenagers about how state legislators work to make this state a good place for Tennesseans. “Well, it’s essential because kids need to know where we come from or how our country got formed. why did it get formed.” Nathan Lewis, the principal of JCM, believes today’s discussion with Mr. Jackson was necessary for the pupils as Mr. Jackson is a high school graduate out of madison county and a resident. “Yes, it’s senat

The family of Anthony Jones is seeking answers after he was shot and killed in McNairy County

In front of Henderson City Hall protesters gathered to demand justice and answers in the death of Anthony Jones. “I remember him as a little boy who loved the animals he used to bring stays home and he loved just to play with his toys", say Anthony Jones' aunt, Tracey Jones. Answers, that is what the family of Anthony Jones is seeking after he was shot and killed earlier this month in McNairy County. “We are just wanting to know why, what happened, I mean we have no answers to what happened and it’s making it harder for us to deal with it because we don’t have any answers", adds Jones. Jones’ family and community members marched in front of the Henderson City Hall and the Henderson Police De

Early voting continues with ballot numbers surpassing 2016 records

Early voting in Tennessee continues into the second week, and records show that the number of ballots is already higher than in 2016. Early voting lines are long, with an estimated wait time of 20 minutes at the Madison county agricultural complex. Kim Buckley, the administrator of elections, says there is always a high turnout for the presidential election. “I think there’s a lot of interest in this particular election, and there is always more interest in a presidential election,” said Buckley. And that interest shows across the state and in Madison county. In the first five days of voting, the number of local voters increased by 13 percent compared to the number of ballots in 2016. This i

Jackson Madison County Public Library receives grants to support technology need

Public libraries are known for more than providing a reading space, they house many resources for the community. But as communities continue to navigate through the pandemic the Jackson Madison County library is trying to expand outside their doors. “We closed the physical doors, but we opened virtual doors. We added much to our electronic resource offerings, we added a data base for streaming video", says Director of the Jackson Madison County public Library, Dinah Harris. The library received a C.A.R.Es ACT grant totaling over two thousand dollars and library technology grant that is for more than $5,000. Senator Ed Jackson and representatives Johnny Shaw and Chris Todd were all present to

Made in Tennessee with Stanfill Enterprises

The nearly 60-year-old establishment started out as a fertilizing company by a man named Max Stanfill. “Actually Max Stanfill, the owner at the time brought a new era of fertilization to West Tennessee,” said Brent Mayfield. Mr. Stanfill was the first individual to bring new technology to the state of Tennessee. In the early ’90s, max and his son Gary Stanfill decided to move into the direction of freight for hire. for the past few years, the company has been under new ownership. “I have been owner going on about three years and I’ve been with the company for five now,” said Mayfield, who is the current owner. Mayfield came in as a manager and worked his way up. “So, I was hired as the logis

2020-2021 assessments will still take place; teachers may not see negative consequences for scores

Teachers and administrators were nervous going into this school year but now they are feeling a little more optimistic as state leaders call for a suspension that could relive some pressure. Recently Governor Bill Lee and Education Commissioner, Penny Schwinn, called for removing negative consequences linked to students assessments. Students in the Jackson Madison county school system spent around 6 months out of school due to COVID-19 concerns, with this extended break in instruction the district expected a learning gap in students. “We knew that some students would be behind, we have some students that are already struggling and then we had students that were doing well", says Deputy Super

Studies Find that Daycares are not associated with spreading COVID-19

A large-scale survey conducted by Yale University with nearly 60,000 daycare providers found that childcare places that stayed open through the covid-19 pandemic did not contribute to the spread. “We did well because we really never had any employees sick, didn’t really have many kids sick,” said Ebony Harris, who owns a local daycare. A recent journal in the American academy of pediatrics states that it reduces infection risks when proper CDC guidelines are followed. And ebony harris at in good hands learning center took significant steps. “We require parents to wear masks when they come into the center. Just different things we had to do to make sure we controlled the virus and anything co

Travel Local: Loretta Lynn's Ranch

Loretta Lynn is a well known songwriter that spent a lot of time in Tennessee during her career. Her family opened the Loretta Lynn Ranch to give fans a look into her life. “Keeping the legacy of Loretta Lynn alive is so important. She is in the hearts of many of the queens of country music. She paved the way for a lot of female artists, female vocalist, female songwriters, singers", says Anthony Brutto. Brutto is Lynn's grandson. He is now the general manager of the ranch and he remembers growing up here exploring the 3500 acres of land. “Growing up out here was really neat, you get a sense of you’re just out here. We have 3500 acres so you’re out here doing your own thing. You have a big 3

Some Madison County residents may have received false information about voter registration

Early voting continues into the second day of residents being able to make their voices heard before November. Earlier, I checked in with Kim Buckley, the election administrator, to see what some experienced before coming to the polls. “I get the impression that voters comment that they hear things that are not necessarily true,” Said Buckley. It is possible locals received false information about voter registration through doorknob hangers. “For instance, I think there were door hangers put on doorknobs around in neighborhoods saying that if you hadn’t voted since the last presidential election, that you were not registered anymore and that is not true,” said Buckley. She adds they were abl

As the ongoing covid-19 pandemic continues to affect businesses, movie theatres are experiencing

As the ongoing covid-19 pandemic continues to affect businesses, movie theatres are experiencing huge financial losses and many could close by the end of the year including one local theatre, here in Humboldt. The nearly 80-year-old, the locally owned attraction has seen a dramatic decline in moviegoers since march. “Because they’re down 80 percent, 85 percent since March. they normally see 40,000 people in by this point, and now they’re down to under 10,” said Amanda Love. According to Love, the executive director of the Humboldt Chamber, residents are not so much worried about contracting covid-19 but are finding other ways to watch films. “They’ve gotten used to staying home and watching

A local Halloween store meets their sales goals during a health pandemic

We are just weeks away from Halloween, and today I stopped by Spirit Halloween to see how they’re holding up during the COVID-19 Pandemic. “It’s still busy, its been busy actually,” said Mikaela Adkins, a sales associate at Spirit Halloween. The nearly 40-year old company known for selling spooky fall decor and costumes has about 1400 popup shops this year with one located in Jackson. Even during a health pandemic, sales associate Mikaela Adkins says that people are preparing for the upcoming holiday. “I know we’ve maxed our sales some days. We set goals, and we’ve hit them, easily,” said Ad kins. The company is following the CDC guidelines by not allowing customers to try on costume masks a

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