Made in Tennessee: Rusty's TV and Movie Car Museum

Movies like Fast and Furious and Batman all have one thing in common, their famous cars. One local man is bringing cars from TV shows and movies all together in one place. On the corner of Hollywood Drive and Williams Street in Jackson,Tennessee sits over 50 cars from award winning movies and television shows. “Been collecting cars all my life and got one and another one and had all this stuff at my house. I would have people wanting to come by and look at it, so 10 years ago I said well iIll try to put them somewhere where people can actually see them", says owner of the museum, Rusty Robinson. Robinson started collecting cars just for fun and then he decided to show others his collection.

Rain and Heavy Winds could not keep drivers off the road

I’m here in Stanton, and despite the flood warnings, people are still filling up their gas tanks to head out on that road. One man says he headed back to Jackson to do a job. “I’m en route to Jackson, TN, and I’m going down there for a little job that I’m doing on today,” Thomas Shaw, who traveled to Jackson for a job. There is also a tornado warning issued until 6:30 am, and Thomas shaw says he is prepared for what the weather has in store. “Looks like rain is coming this way from the hurricane, I believe it’s going to be really rough today,” said Thomas. On a day when there are rain and heavy winds, people can expect to see, “Many accidents and things like that,” says Reginald Preston. Pre

The Red Cross prepares for upcoming storms

While many volunteers are in Texas and Louisiana helping those impacted by hurricane Laura, I stopped by the local Red Cross office to see what they are doing to prepare for storms that are headed this way. “Definitely the pattern of disaster response that we’ve seen on a more local level has been flash flooding,” says David Hicks, the Jackson chapter’s executive director. When a storm comes, David hicks the Jackson chapter’s executive director, says they immediately begin working with local agencies. “What we’ve discovered is, our partnering with local emergency management agencies is so key because they’re keeping an even closer more local eye on what is the extent of the damage and the ne

First responders give west Tennesseans tips ahead of possible flash flooding

Hurricane Laura made landfall in Louisiana overnight but the affects will continue to be felt through the rest of the week and the weekend in our area. We have a few tips on how to be prepared. According to the National Weather Service west Tennessee and other parts of the southern region are under a flash flood warning for the next two days due to rain extending from Hurricane Laura. Local first responders explain how being prepared is the best safety option. “Have your things packed and ready to go at a moments notice. You know flood waters can rise rather quickly and so preparation is going to be key", says the Jackson Fire Departments Deputy Chief, Don Friddle. Places that see a lot of f

Locals prepare for flooding as hurricane Laura strikes

At North Plaza Shopping Center on Carriage House Drive, this area did see severe flooding last year; residents are preparing as Hurricane Laura strikes. “Curious to see, sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn’t. But the last couple of days, it’s been kind of weathery,” says Mario Curry, a resident. With gloomy skies and heavy rain, one local is hopeful that city officials do their part to keep everyone safe. “Hopefully, they got the roads under control because it might flood but hopefully not so bad,” says Curry. The national hurricane center sent out warnings on Wednesday. Their public advisory says that laura is expected to strengthen, bringing heavy rain to Tennessee. I spoke with an empl

Officials prepare for the affects of Hurricane Laura, flooding and high winds are expected

Pretty much all day here in Jackson it has been raining. Today I spoke with Madison County Emergency Management Agency Director, Jason Moore, on how residents who live in those flood prone areas should prepare for more rain to move in. Hurricane Laura is taking a toll on weather in states across the south. Areas in west Tennessee are seeing constant rain fall and are preparing to see more. “We’re looking at two to three days of heavy rain fall, tropical winds, possible tornadoes although highly unlikely and obviously flooding", says Moore. Moore says when hurricane season approaches heavy rain concerns him due to how flat the land is here in west Tennessee. “Obviously our land sits a little

Made in Tennessee: JDog Junk Removal & Hauling with Daniel Witherspoon

After 10 years of serving his country, one man decided to join JDog Junk Removal & Hauling serving West Tennessee. All of JDog’s local business operators are military veterans and the company with over 200 franchises, delivers service in a military way. With our military values that’s what makes us unique. We built this franchise on respect, integrity, and trust,” says Daniel Witherspoon, a JDog franchise owner in West Tennessee. Witherspoon, a native of Rutherford and a graduate of Gibson County High School enlisted in the united states army in 2004. He says that it was his calling. “I just felt like it was a calling I needed to do. It was either stay around here and get a little job or act

Dozens of headstones in Elmwood Cemetery are toppled over and broken

JACKSON, TN - Over a dozen headstones are toppled over or broken just like this one. Now families that have loved ones here at Elmwood Cemetery want to know who did it. Elmwood Cemetery sits unseen behind the Old Hickory Mall in Jackson, Tennessee. Kirby Dunlap visits his grandparents grave sites there often, but during his most recent visit he said it was a disturbing scene. “When I first came in i saw that a headstone was knocked over, I didn’t think too much about it. But after I got to going and walking I saw another one knocked over then I started seeing numerous knocked over. I was like, mane this ain’t right, this is an act of vandalism", says Dunlap. Many head stones across the entir

JMCSS begins the school year after months of being out due to COVID-19 concerns

JACKSON, TN - Schools in the Jackson Madison County School System opened their doors to parents and students to pick up packets and devices to start the school year out virtually. On the first day of school these halls are usually filled with over 500 excited students, but that looks a little different this year. The only students that walked the halls today at Community Montessori were kindergartners. “We are having our kindergarten orientation. So, we will be bringing two kindergarten students in at a time per teacher for each teacher, just to have a two hour block of orientation so that we can get to know them in small groups", says Principal, Dr. Melinda Harris. The school made a schedul

Tennessee applies for a $300 supplement for unemployment and local residents say the funds are much

Tennessee applied to president trump’s federal grant program. This subsidy will extend the unemployment benefits, and recipients will receive additional funds, weekly. “Here in Jackson, TN, it is much needed at this time because of lost wages.” In a recent press conference, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Jeff McCord announced the added benefit for unemployment recipients. “Individuals in the state of Tennessee should be able, will be able to see a $300 benefit to their weekly unemployment benefits in addition to the state benefit,” says McCord. The additional $300 is lower than the previous $600 bonus, but Collier, a resident, feels any amount will help those

Travel Local: Casey Jones Village

Brooks Shaw Old Country Store is one of west Tennessee's best known destinations. I’m here in Casey Jones Village to check in and see what options they have for people traveling local. Right off of interstate 40 in Jackson, Tennessee sits a 3 generation family business that has grown into the travel destination it is today. Casey Jones village sits on 15 acres of land allowing families to explore the history of trains and Casey Jones. “Tour the train museum and learn about the history of the railroads in west Tennessee and the life and death of Casey Jones. You can come out and take a walk on our farm", says general manager of The Old Country Store, Brooks Shaw. The village also showcases lo

Jackson State Community College starts computer loan program

As students and staff prepare to return to class on Monday. Jackson State Community College is giving students tools to help them in their virtual classroom. JSCC has three options for students to take classes this semester. Flex, online, and hybrid. All the options include using a computer so, they started a computer loan program for students. “I think it is a great thing for students who are aren’t able to get computers and who can’t afford one", says student Jillian Blackwell. Students that are loaned a computer are able to use it from home the entire semester. One student says the computer from the college is more compatible for her program. “I think it helps a lot of students out, some

Teachers opted out of the traditional brick and mortar class for an online school

Two teachers decided to leave the traditional classroom setting to teach virtually at Tennesee Connections Academy, an online public school. Andrea Jackson was teaching in Clarksville- Montgomery County school system, and when the district switched to online learning, she saw this as an opportunity for herself. “And so I saw an opportunity with what they were doing with virtual, and I thought, how much more of a connection you can make with students online and really meet their individual needs,” says Jackson. After 14 years of in-class instruction, Andrea says that is was beneficial going to another institution that is familiar with online teaching and learning. “And what a better way in o

Madison County and the City of Jackson are in the "red zone" for COVID-19 in the state

According to data released from the United States Task Force the city of Jackson and Madison County along with neighboring areas in the state are in a "red zone" for COVID-19. “Jackson is in the top 10 of metropolitan areas that is considered in the red zone. Due to our number of positive cases per 100 thousand population plus our positivity rate", says Director of the Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department, Kim Tedford. West Tennessee Health Care reported 100 COVID-19 patients at the Jackson Madison County General hospital today. Nearly 20 percent of their current patients. Of those COVID-19 patients many are very sick, leading them to fill up intensive care unit beds. “These pat

A local family hosts 5k run to help families in need

A local family is hosting their first memorial run walk for Will Morrow. Will died of cancer and his wife and children started a fund to help families suffering financially while facing cancer treatments. All proceeds from the Will Morrow Memorial 5K Run/Walk will go to the fund to help with medical bills, gas, housing payments, food, or any costs that are needed. Veronica morrow – wife "Life goes on, bills still come, they don’t stop. So, your rent is still coming, your mortgage, your utilities, your gas coming back and forth to the doctor so we didn’t want to set any kind of limit to the fund we wanted anything somebody needed", says wife Veronica Morrow. The run walk will be on Saturday S

A new exhibit opens in Brownsville celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment

The Delta Heritage Museum has two exhibits telling stories of how women fought for the right to vote and the role Tennessee played in ratifying the 19th amendment". The exhibits are called Rightfully Hers and Make Our Voices Heard. Curator, Adriana Dunn says both were created so guests can acknowledge and reflect on women's suffrage. "I want them to kind of get an appreciation for the trial and triumph that women had endured in order to be able to get the right to vote," says Dunn. The exhibits open on the 100th anniversary of women's right to cast a ballot in local, state, and national elections. "It is exciting to have it here and know the impact Tennessee had on the 19th amendment bei

Obion County Fair prepares to open this week

Obion County is joining only a few other counties in west Tennessee that are having their annual county fair. After speaking with concession and carnival organizers they say this fair gives them hope. “Have a funnel cake and an ice cream and ride and ride with your child. That’s just what we are about here. And we are grateful to the Obion County Fair has helped us get open", says operator and owner of Amusement Attractions Entertainment, Lisa Purdy. The entertainment industry was hit hard due to COVID-19 concerns and organizers are still seeing the affects of the virus on business as fair and carnival cancellations continue. “We’ve only done two all year long and by this time we usually kno

JMSSC Sports are back at Phase one after Superintendent

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, the Madison County Board of education moves back to phase one for school sports and recreational activities. "No pads or anything right now, nothing with contact," says Tim Gilmer, the district's athletic director. After leaders in Madison County decided to revert to virtual learning, they faced making a difficult decision for athletics. "It was a terribly hard decision to make," says Gilmer. But Gilmer says safety comes first. "We put safety number one, and we say look, the whole thing is we want to do as much as we can as safe as we can, and we think phase one is where we need to be right now," says Gilmer. During phase one, coaches are required to follo

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