Local health department now offering curbside services

The Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department WIC Center is offering participants a new way to access their services without even leaving the car. The WIC Center wanted to make sure that their participants felt safe while going to appointments. Most of their participants are pregnant women, a population that is high risk when it comes to COVID-19. “We want people to feel safe whenever they are coming to their wic appointment, so this is a great opportunity for them to stay by themselves in their vehicle away from others while they are waiting to get their vouchers, get a card replacement, and eventually while they are waiting to be seen by one of our nutritionist", says public inform

Health officials warn Madison county residents to be cautious as case numbers rise

The Jackson Madison County Regional health department reported more than 240 cases this morning with a recovery rate of about 83%. And director of the department, Kim Tedford, says that number will go up more. “And I am going to tell you right now that tomorrow you are going to see that number increase again", says Tedford. The cases jumped up by 14 patients in a day. Tedford says most of the cases they are seeing are community spread. Tedford adds,“We are seeing with these cases, community spread. We’ve got several cases that we cannot pinpoint their exposure.” West Tennessee Healthcare is taking a close look at the rising numbers as they now have nearly 30 COVID positive patients at the Ja

Local businesses are seeing more support after protests

Now as more discussion rise about inequality across the country, black owned businesses have seen more customers come through their doors. “I have seen, since I've been tracking my sales, I have seen a rise in it, it’s been awesome", says owner of JM Sweet Temptations, Janet Morton. “Support has actually increased during this time you know, during this time. Especially, with it being the black out Tuesday. After the protests that was one of our highest earning days", says owner of M'pressionistic Scents, Brittany Jelks. Social media has filled up with the numerous demonstrations, activists, and posts asking people to shop at black owned businesses. Some business owners here in Jackson say th

Local organizations celebrate Juneteenth

Juneteenth is a celebration of freedom in the African American community. As racial unrest continues across the country more people are celebrating this holiday to bring awareness to black history. “Resurgence of, it was real popular in the 60’s and then it was declined. We have tried to educate the community about the importance of this holiday. We are so glad and thankful that people are paying attention", says member of the Society for African American Cultural Awareness, Wendy Trice Martin. The society for African American cultural awareness has celebrated Juneteenth for over 30 years in the Jackson community, but members say they saw a decline in participation as years passed. Now they

JTA reveals new Trolley Bus in downtown Jackson

Now as you are traveling across Jackson, you may see something new on the streets. A trolley bus. The Jackson transit authority just revealed a new bus in their transportation unit.” With the help of local, state, and federal funds a trolley bus made its way to Jackson. The TDOT Improve Act Grant was a big contributor to funding the bus. “Now this has been a project that has been in the working for almost 10 years. Due to funding it got put on the back burner. But due to a government bill passed in Nashville we were able to get part of the funding",says JTA General Manager, Travis Franklin. City and county officials as well as Jackson residents boarded the 30-foot trolley bus for its first p

Protesters hold a sit in demonstration in downtown Jackson

Protesters in the Jackson community continue to fight racism. Their next step is removing the confederate soldier statue in downtown Jackson. Protesters stood on the north west side of the Madison County Court house this morning to bring awareness to the statue sitting in the lawn. “And so, I think this is taken down, because someone was killed behind what this represents", says protester Kandes Kincaid. “It’s a painful reminder that doesn’t need to be here anymore", says protester Camille Sikes. Eliza Woods, an African American woman, was lynched in 1886 near the spot where the statue sits two years after the lynching the statue was erected. Protesters say that is one reason it needs to be

Local movie theater re-opens with limited capacity

Michael Longmire and Jason Tubbs opened Plaza 3 in Humboldt,Tennessee in 2007. After years of running the business the COVID-19 pandemic was unpredictable. “We weren’t really sure what was going to be happening, we knew that the COVID-19 pandemic was very serious", says co owner, Jason Tubbs. In late March the owners decided to close their doors to keep staff and customers safe, but they still wanted to find a way to give their employees a pay check. “Jason and I talked whole heartily and tried to figure out what we could do to help maintain some of our employment, you know having to tell your employees they have to go home is a tough thing", says co owner Michael Longmire. They closed their

Local family gives the community a taste of the fair

Festivals, fairs, and carnivals are all being cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, but one local family is bringing your favorite fair foods right to you. Miss Mary's Kitchen could be found at the Friendly Franks Flea Market and at local events around west Tennessee. But since the pandemic hit those events have been cancelled, which changed a lot for this business. “We’ve had several cancellations, one of the ones that we’ve had here locally, we’ve always been at Friendly Franks of course that flea market has been closed down for sometime now", says owner of Miss Mary's Kitchen Mar Gabert. Mark Gabert and his wife and daughter began setting up their food truck 12 years ago across west Tenness

Protesters share how they feel the community is reacting to protests

“I feel like this protest is a great start and a great platform. I think all these people out here are trying to bring awareness to the injustice that we face as African Americans", says Denair Woodard. After speaking with a number of protesters at the demonstration they all mentioned why they were there. They said it was more than the death of George Floyd that brought them out. “I feel like I am targeted or the stereotypical connotations that they associate with black men. Big, scary, violent, dangerous. And that’s not the case for a lot of us", adds Woodard. “I see them staring at me, he’s a black man with dreads. Oh, he’s a drug dealer", says Jamal Harris. Protester, Jamal Harris, says h

Over 5,000 people sign a petition to remove a statue in downtown Jackson

As protesters continue to demand justice, they are now asking for the removal of a confederate soldier statue in downtown Jackson. 22 year old, Iyad Abdi, started a petition last week to remove a statue of a confederate solider from in front of the Madison county court house. With in days hundreds of signatures turned into thousands. “It’s amazing we’ve garnered about six thousand signatures in about a week and so we really feel like the community supports this effort.", says Abdi. The statue stands in the northeast corner of the front entrance of the county courthouse with words describing the war. Abdi says they started the petition to have the statue removed the right way. “So, we are try

Local woman begins book drive to promote diversity

People use books for leisure and to learn, but Brianna Kline is hoping to use books for change and to help kids understand the people around them. “So, I was like what do I have resources for that I can do to help in this time and I have lots of books", says Kline. Kline works as an educational services representative or “book lady” as she calls it and figured that she could use her large resource to books to give back to classrooms in the area, but also give students a look into the lives of people with different backgrounds. Kline adds, “It can be a mirror where the child can see themselves and relate to that character or they can be windows where we can read the story and we can feel and

Tennessee Judge rules for mail in voting during COVID-19 pandemic

Davidson County Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle ruled that the state has to give all 4.1 million Tennesseans the option to mail in vote during the pandemic. The decision comes as lawmakers are looking for ways to keep voters safe for the primary election, which is only a month away. In the ruling by Chancellor Lyle it mandates the state to provide eligible voters an absentee ballot if they ask for one to avoid contraction or the spread of COVID-19. “You know, if it’s done fair and done right, I see no problem with it", say voter, Wayne Markle. Voter, Sandra McIntee, says, “I think that will probably make more people vote.” The ruling also says that this information needs to be prominently posted

Local business shares how COVID-19 has affected their clientele

“Whether they have dementia, Alzheimer's, or nothing can come and just socialize, recreation, we have all kinds of activities, just engage with peers of their own age", says owner of Golden Years Adult Day Care, Brenda Douglass. Douglass opened her business as a place for seniors to be around their peers, but when COVID-19 hit that changed. Douglass said, “of course the uncertainty of it all, and all we heard is how it would affect our senior citizens, I felt compelled to close the daycare.” Douglass closed the day care center for 30 days waiting for guidance from health care officials on how to reopen to the most vulnerable population. She says now that she has reopened she has seen a drop

Protesters in Jackson kneel for George Floyd

Protesters join again in front of city hall to seek justice after the death of George Floyd, but during this demonstration they protested a little different. “You can just think, you was just laying down there someone putting that pressure on your neck for 9 long minutes, you can’t just stay on your knee for 9 minutes, so you can understand someone putting that pressure on you so I think a lot of mothers its really hurting for them, he called his mom’s name out.", says city councilman, Johnny Dodd. Floyd was kneed down for over 8 minutes by Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin. Protesters kneeled for 9 minutes in response to that time he was on the ground. “How did it make him feel, how

Protests spark in Jackson after the death of George Floyd

Protesters stood right here in downtown Jackson to demand justice for George Floyd a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota last week. Hundreds of people in Jackson gathered for one cause... justice. "So, I just felt this was a great impact to let the world know, that my kids shouldn’t be defined on the color of their skin, that they are somebody and we all bleed the same", says protester, Moranda Johnson. Although justice was the main contributor that brought all the protesters together each had their own story. One protester that raises her adopted black children says she wants the same privileges for them that her white children have. “My son, he deserves to be abl

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