Hub City shoppers are still looking for deals

Now shoppers made it through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even Christmas Eve deals, but now it's time for the after Christmas sales. “Yea, especially in the clearance section yea.” “And there are better deals now.” “Deals on deals on deals yea.” Christmas gifts are open, but now its time for more shopping. Stores across the Hub City announced more deals to get shoppers back in the store. And some say these sales are a little better. Shopper, Caitlin Knight says, “I love after christmas sales because there is a lot of stuff I won’t buy until after it goes on sale for Christmas, especially like décor and stuff.” As shopping carts lined the aisles and the check out lines grew longer shoppers

One man speaks out after home burglary

The King family woke up on Monday morning and realized they were missing a few items… and now they are urging the community to keep their doors locked. “I couldn’t imagine that happening and when it did it just threw us all for a loop", says homeowner, Juan King. Juan King and his family were surprised to see money, shoes, clothes, and hunting rifles gone one morning. King says, “Um we woke up and we noticed the house had been ran through. Um my daughters purse was sprawled out on the couch with her wallet out, money missing.” King says that they have had a history of problems at their home at the corner of Wallace and Old Hickory. But this time was different. “And they ended up going throu

Local churches come together to give back

One organization is up before the sun came up this morning and they are getting things ready for those who serve our community daily. At 6 am this morning A group of men with the Madison and Chester County Baptist Association along with Antioch Baptist packed fruit baskets in Medina. And took them to… The Madison County Sheriff’s Office. One man helping pack, Jack Joyner says, “So, you know we started this as an appreciation for their work for us, that they do for us in our county.” They have done this for the past three years to thank the officers for keeping their churches and communities safe. “We are really appreciative of the of the sheriff’s department of them coming and patrolling our

A tree warms the community for the 3rd year

One Jackson organization realized that the people that walked pass their door didn’t have a hat, gloves, or even a scarf on during this winter season so they decided to make those items easy to get just like picking it off a tree. “Nothing on their head, nothing on their hands and it was freezing and we thought you know we could do this", says building manager, Diann Robinson. Staff at the Ned McWherter Center in Jackson found a different way to give warmth to the community. After three years they continue to put gloves, hats, and scarves on trees outside their doors for whoever to pick up when needed. “It’s there if you need it come get one, it’s there for ya", says Robinson. Building manag

Kids in the Hub City left school warmer

A few weeks ago, a here in Jackson shared their need for more coats to give to students here at Washington Douglas Head Start and today’s the day where they get to give those coats out. Let’s see what the kids think. Over 200 kids received a new coat today. The Bank of Jackson worked with Washington Douglas Head Start to help boys and girls stay warm. Stacks of coats were set out to fit the smallest kid to the tallest. “They enjoying the coats and they get to pick, like my daughter picked her favorite color purple. So they enjoying the nice coats", says parent, Grenada Green. Prince perry was proud of his new orange coat, because of it’s cuddle feature. Prince Perry says, “I love this jacket

One organization surprised a local girl with a new ride

One girl walked into this garage thinking that she was going to be presented a check, but then when the curtains opened, there was a bigger surprise. Lorimar Cintron walked in thinking one thing “I thought i was coming to receive a check for the foundation, so it’s very different", says Lorimar Cintron. And was given a surprise she didn’t imagine. Cintron adds in excitement, “I thought i was coming to receive a check for the foundation, so it’s very different.” A Soldier's Child Foundation cares for children of fallen soldiers. The foundation hosts camps, gives scholarships, and now gives cars. “And i still am in shock, I’m trying to wrap my head around it. I’m very thankful and appreciative

Safe Harbor's Christmas dinner

Right behind this door some of the Jackson community is celebrating Christmas just a little early, like they do every year. Safe Harbor is giving the homeless community in Jackson something they might not have otherwise… a Christmas dinner. “Turkey, ham, mac and cheese, green beans, cranberry sauce, and the gravy,” says volunteer Mary Moffitt. That wasn’t all they got. Everybody who walked into Safe Harbor today also went through bible study and got a little bit of the gospel. “It means everything to me just come read the bible, play with people, do almost anything here,” says James Mays. It’s a safe place for the homeless community to come, get fed, and know that they matter. “That’s what w

The Salvation Army asks for help

To build up a community it truly takes an army, The Salvation Army, they have helped youth and adults in communities across the country and here in Jackson they are asking for the communities help. The Salvation Army is gearing up to gather items for kids in Jackson and Madison County. Today they picked up gifts from donations at toyota Boshiku. This year they had over 500 angel wishes to fulfil. With the help of volunteers and the community most were adopted. But they still have angels that need gifts. Lieutenant and core officer, Cheryl Moynihan says, “it’s not just about a barbie doll, it’s just not about a toy car its about your impacting a life that you don’t know how far that’s going t

A local organization is keeping kids in the Hub City warm

Over two hundred kids walk through the doors of Washington Douglas Head Start each day. And some without coats. One local organization wants to make sure that each child that walks through those doors is wearing a coat. Assistant Center Coordinator Elizabeth Bryant saw a need for the students she serves. “I saw a need at the center it was freezing and the kids were coming in and some of them had coats, some of them didn’t, some of them had holes in them", says Bryant. And asked for help. “And she called and said ‘would this be something yall would like to do and i said absolutely this would be something we would like to do", says Anita Kay Archer with Bank of Jackson. This is the second year

Local high school bands are going to California

I am here at one of the practices for Gibson County band and they sound so great, but they are getting ready for something bigger. Small towns in West Tennessee Are making a big sound South Gibson high school, Peabody high school, Humboldt high school, Milan high school, and Gibson County high school band are coming together to perform in the Tournament of Roses Parade. Gibson County high school band director, Jeremy Tate says, “and so it was one of those things when we applied we knew there was a less than five percent chance of being selected, so when we got selected we were in awe and amazement.” These bands usually show their skills at the local Strawberry Festival parade, but now the en

Homeowners ask drivers to slow down after car chase

Last night here on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, the Croswait family said they heard police sirens and didn’t think anything of it. Until they opened their door and saw a car flipped upside down. “I was over there helping my uncle fix his dog house and i hear cops and i’m just thinking they normally come down the road sometimes, maybe something happened over there", says Chyann Croswaits who lives in the home near the crash. Around 4:30 Tuesday evening State Trooper Adam Cash saw a red kia optima swerving on South Highland Avenue. After the car almost hit another vehicle cash attempted a traffic stop, but the car sped off. Chyanna says, "see this red car just catch some air over there an

Three shootings in Jackson overnight

It was around 4 am this morning when a Jackson neighborhood was woken up by the sound of gunshots coming from the house right behind me. The Jackson Police Department responded to the 200 block of Lenoir Avenue for a call of shots fired. When they arrived they found 47 year old Charllene Albright with multiple gunshots and JPD confirms she had already passed away. One neighbor says she woke up to the sound of a car speeding through her street and hitting a pothole. “I heard this car coming down the street going real fast it went all the way to the end it hit this pothole it was so loud it work me up,” says Grace Blake. Then she heard the gunshots. “I saw him coming back up the street then he

Rickey Smiley visits the Hub City

Rickey Smiley made a stop right here in the Hub City to promote the expansion of his morning show, but he wanted to say hey to his listeners before he left. Nationally syndicated radio host and comedian Rickey Smiley broadcasted his morning show ‘The Rickey Smiley Morning Show’ live from Jackson today. “I’m really really excited" says Rickey Smiley. Smiley was also here to promote the transition of his morning show from Hot 96.1 to 96 KIX next year. He is making this move after long time radio host Tom Joyner retires. Although smiley is excited for the next chapter in his career, there is one thing he will miss. “It’s going to be a lot of fun, but i’m just going to miss. I am really going to

Reed's metals surprises local woman

It’s not every day someone shows up with balloons to your doorstep but it was a wonderful surprise today from Reed’s Metals. “Excitement, big time excitement,” says Chris Helgeland. Covering the community, that’s the name of Reed’s Metals annual project and it’s literally what they are doing as they provide a family with a brand new roof. After going through more than 100 submissions, Chris Helgeland was chosen. “With Reed's taking care of that that’s a big blessing,” says Helgeland. Helgeland is a single mother of nine kids and her 14 and 17 year old sons provide for the entire family. A 12 to 15 thousand dollar roof was something they needed but didn’t think was going to be possible until

Cops with kids

The spirit of giving is alive here inside of Walmart when local law enforcement brings an early Christmas to the boys and girls club. Money can be tough for many families, especially during the holiday season. The Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Jackson Police Department and the Madison County Sheriff's Office teamed up to help. “Money gets hard sometimes we go from having a little bit of money and then around Christmas time when it gets really short going from here to there dinner wise and stuff like that,” says Tommy Killingsworth Local law enforcement took 23 kids from the boys and girls club on a holiday shopping trip. Some of the kids say it was an experience of a lifetime. “It's really e

Small businesses feeling more optimistic

The National Federation of Independent Businesses just released their small business optimism report for last month and it’s the highest its been all year long. Let’s go to some small businesses to see if that how they're feeling. “Definitely more optimistic I think more people are choosing to shop local and support their local businesses and we really appreciate that,” says Emily Hathcock. Small businesses believe initiatives to shop local like small business Saturday and local campaigns might be encouraging people to support their local businesses. Local business owners are doing what they can as well, by trying to provide communities with an experience people cant get at stores everywhere

Jim Wilson's Project Christmas Partners

About 40 years ago the Knights of Columbus started a tradition to help low income families have the Christmas they deserve and it’s a tradition they continue to this date. It is called Jim Wilson's Project Christmas Partners. “It's just the real spirit of Christmas involved in this project, what Christmas is all about,” says Mary Jane Warmath. They started by just serving a couple families in the community. This year, project Christmas partners is giving Christmas presents to more than 900 children facing poverty in west Tennessee, as well as children in foster homes. Many of the families didn’t know how they were going to get through the holidays, and this project is the only way their chil

Made in Tennessee: Cloud Nine Nutrition

After noticing the need for more healthy options here in the hub city, one couple decided to do what they could to help. Bradley and Chelsea Moredock opened their first nutrition shop in jackson earlier this year. Chelsea Moredock says, “It’s just a healthier option instead of running through the drive through somewhere.” Cloud Nine Nutrition serves loaded teas and meal replacement shakes. These drinks are high in protein, low in sugar, and low in calories. The Moredocks are originally from Mississippi and say that they opened their business in Jackson not knowing how the response would be. “The best part about it is meeting and greeting everybody. You know we did not know a single person fr

Women graduate from life's healing choices

Inside this door is Judge Don Allen's court room where 14 women not only graduated but went through an incredible transformation. They went through life’s healing choices, a faith based 8 week program part of the celebrate recovery ministry. The program takes women from the Madison County Jail who have made bad decisions in their past and helps them turn their life around. “It's incredible I really did not think this class would impact me the way it did,” says Kara Pappas. One of the 14 women, Whitney Sells, was a heroin and crack addict since she was 17 years old. Now, at the age of 25, and after going through this program she is clean and looking forward to treatment. “I was facing 12 year

Dyersburg receives a grant from TDEC

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation presented the city of Dyersburg with a 2.5 million dollar check today for their wastewater. A check they say they needed.” The check is a loan with principal forgiveness of 500 thousand dollars, for the city of Dyersburg to be able to improve its wastewater collection system. Dyersburg city Mayor John Holden says the money will go directly towards assessing infrastructure, addressing aging sewer lines, and helping with flood resiliency programs. Dyersburg city residents say they're glad to hear the state is looking out for rural communities like theirs. “Honestly it’s a great thing because I think there's a little bit of stigmata that

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