Bill Christian, Mike Reed to sell WNBJ, other TV, radio stations

Deal Covers 11 Big Four Affiliates, 15 Radio Stations, NewsHub in Seven Markets for $64.2M Over the past five years, career broadcasters Mike Reed and Bill Christian built more big four network affiliates from scratch than anyone in TV history. Today, they announce they are selling them, as well as additional stations they own to recent TV startup company Standard Media. The deal covers 23 video streams including stations operating under the names of Waypoint Media, Star City Broadcasting, Vision Communications, and Sound Communications. Earlier this year Standard Media Founder Deb McDermott closed on its first acquisition, purchasing Citadel Media’s ABC stations in Providence and Lincoln.

Downtown Jackson gets a new pop up park

After the addition of a new mural in downtown Jackson. The CO wanted to add something else to the area, and they are doing that by connecting the community. A month ago community members gathered to think of a way to recreate public spaces in Jackson. Dan Drogosh, CO operations manager says, “we challenged ourselves to figure out a way, to improve Jackson, because this would be a project that we would do across the state, but we kind of just wanted to test it out here.” And they called it a 'Civic Crunch'. “In a short amount of time span and a low budget, what can you do to improve your city and the spaces that are unused in it”, says Drogosh. With only 5 thousand dollars and a month of time

Loralea opens art studio in downtown Henderson

The Henderson community came together to celebrate the grand opening of this room right here, its Loralea Landrum's new art studio. It was a packed room at the grand opening but community members weren't only celebrating the art studio, they were celebrating Landrum's journey and how far she has come. From living in the woods, to painting murals, and now opening an art studio is something Landrum says she couldn’t have done on her own. “Having the studio will be a chance to bring those stories to life because I don’t think its about me and my art, its about everybody,” says Landrum. Frank and Judy Bell are one of the many people who met Landrum while she was working on the mural leading into

JMC library now offers memory care kits

120,000 Tennesseans are living with Alzheimer, and the Jackson Madison County library wants to do something to help.” “My grandmother suffered from dementia and it was really challenging i remember visiting her in the facility she was in and it brought me to tears because she didn’t remember me," says Jenci Spradlin. Thanks to Leadership Jackson, people can now use their library card to check out memory care kits and make situations like these a little easier. These kits are a tool for caregivers as well as family and friends of someone with dementia. "If I had this tool when I visited my own grandmother I could talk to her of her memories of various things," says Spradlin. The memory care k

Operation Christmas Child

This may just look like a shoe box, but whats inside of it could be life changing. Children all over the world will be receiving these shoe boxes. They are filled with things like toys, school supplies, and hygiene items… and even the smallest item in the shoe box can mean the most to a child in need. “Someone told me this morning that they always put erasers because the kids have so little paper they write in pencil and erase it to use it again,” says Debbie Newell. First Baptist Church in Jackson has a goal of collecting 18 thousand shoe boxes. They encourage everyone to be involved in any way they can. Whether it be filling up a shoe box, donating for a shoe box, or donating items to put

Home Depot gives back to HBCU's, including Lane College

Lane college was once again awarded 50 thousand dollars from home depots retool your school. Now students are grabbing their paint brushes and getting to work. “As you can see were just getting started but the outcome is going to be amazing," says Tomiah Burrow. Lane college decided on their Student Union Center for the project. They wanted to remodel a location that every student would benefit from. “Every student has used it, will use it, at some point in time whether it be through instructional through gym or fitness classes, or through project and program that our campus life do," says Braylin Laster. Students got involved and are doing all the work themselves, starting with the first ph

Milan high school football coach resigns, community wants answers

After two years of friday night lights right here on this field. Milan head football coach resigns, but the community wants to know why. Monday morning former head coach for Milan high school football was given two options. “And we just had a normal discussion and then he just goes in and say um, here at milan high school we are going to move in a different direction coach", says former head football coach, Craig Pettigrew. Resign or be fired. Pettigrew adds, "I have prepared two statements one is you resigning and the other is you being removed from the head coach, we would like for you to choose which one.” Milan high school principal, Greg Scott, released a statement saying that he accept

Made in Tennessee revisits Butcher Boy Machines

Every single machine made here at butcher boy takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to make and that’s because they pride themselves on quality. “Our machines are built to last. Actually one of our first band saw's was built in the 1920's and is still being used in Alaska today,” says Adam Forsyth. Butcher Boy Machines manufactures all types of food processing machines, for small town butcher shops, to large manufacturing facilities, and each one is custom built. “This is a vacuum tumbler its used to marinate meat. I write the PLC programs and HMI programs for this machine," says Levi P. Butcher Boy has been in West Tennessee for about 5 years now. They ship their equipment all around the

Remains found months after smell of odor

One morning earlier this year a woman noticed an odor while walking in these door to work. After two days of smelling the odor she called in the Jackson Police Department. The officer that arrived did a walk through of the building, but did not find anYthing. The Jackson woman says, “Well back in may I was coming into work I noticed there was a very loud lingering odor.” Little did she know the smell was coming from human remains. “And i wasn’t really quite for sure what it was, and i’m going to say about two days went by and i just decided i would just call the police and have them do a walk through", she says. Thursday afternoon the Jackson Police Department released a statement about rema

New solar farm could help local industries

This solar farm is holding two megawatts of energy. Enough to supply for two subdivisions here in madison county. Today the Jackson Energy Authority, Silicon Ranch Corporation, and the Tennessee Valley Authority flipped the switch. “Well i think this is a very exciting part of the history here in Jackson, we’re making history today", says TBDN General Manager, Carl Pfountz. All three companies worked together to help industries in Jackson generate power at a lower cost and more efficiently. And they did this by flipping the switch on for the new solar farm. The farm will give jackson another source of energy at a lower rate. Program Manager at Toyota Boshoku, Bruce Niven says, “We want to be

Final preparations underway for Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland light show

It looks like i'm at a Christmas wonderland with this Christmas tree made out of lights standing right behind me but i'm actually just at the Jackson Generals Ballpark parking lot. They have completely transformed it for their annual light show. “Were getting close, were going to be ready,” says Adam Koenigsberg Baseball season for the Jackson Generals only goes from April to September, but they try to utilize the ballpark year round. “The city of Jackson has been a great partner and its really nice of us and good of us to use the facility to its capability," says Marcus Sabata. Crews have been working for 6 weeks to bring Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland light show to West Tennessee. The 2 a

Jackson apartment fire results in one fatality

It was around 5:30 this morning when the Jackson Police Department and the Jackson Fire Department responded to a fire in the third apartment of the second floor of the building behind me. Some neighbors tell us more of what they witnessed this morning. “I was sleep and she woke me up because somebody was beating on the door to let us know the house was on fire,” says neighbor Joe Bates. The fire occurred at 1160 Hollywood Drive in midtown Jackson. When neighbors Iva Dawkins and Joe Btes were woken up the first thing they did was make sure everyone else in the building made it out safe. “I come out and everybody else wasn’t out so Joe went and started knocking on the doors beating on

Women of Hope gala

The Women of Hope are currently setting up for their 10th annual Women of Hope gala. This is their biggest fundraiser and what allows them to help and change the lives of all the women they serve at the hope recovery center. “I was in a place where i'd given up hope and that was scary," says Amy Gilbert. The hope recovery center helps women who have lost everything: like their home, their children, and even control of their life. When no one else believes in these women, the hope center does. “I see women come in broken, just broken, and i see them begin to find hope," says Lisa Clements. Amy Gilbert and Grace Collins are just a couple examples of women who's lives have been transformed afte

Made in Tennessee: Mama Baudo's Chow Bella

Mama Baudo's has served the Jackson community spaghetti and lasagna for over 40 years, but as times change Mama Baudos continues to keep the same traditions. In 1965 Helen and Buzz baudo opened B and H Pizza in Jackson, TN. “We started there and we had eight stools at the bar and 3, 4 tables. Two of these tables right here are the originals tables from the original restaurant", says owner, Jack Baudo. The legacy of the Baudo family has continued in the hub city through Mama Baudo’s and now Mama Baudo’s Chow Bella. The current owner is the son of Helen and Buzz Baudo, Jack. Baudo says, “Yes, I used to have to step on a step stool to wash the dishes back then. And I’ve been involved ever since

A local college hopes to fill in need for more nurses

Dyersburg State Community College received a grant that takes students from working right here in the classroom to hospitals across West Tennessee. At West Tennessee healthcare alone. There are over 300 RN positions open. Governor Bill Lee announced Thursday that Dyersburg State Community College will be receiving a one million dollar grant under the GIVE Act. Dean of Nursing, Amy Johnson, says, “Enhance their curriculum, enhance their labs, give them a lot of the things we have in this lab. It’s exciting it will get the students on fire for healthcare.” As Tennessee’s need for more nurses in the workforce continues to grow this grant could fill the gap. The grant will help Dyersburg State d

Free wifi in West Tennessee town

Right here in West Tennessee one town is now offering free high speed internet to residents and visitors. “Oh, it’s wonderful", says Alamo resident Linda Spence. The city of Alamo received a state grant from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development that gave the city fifty percent of the funds for high speed internet access downtown. This grant is a part of Governor Lee’s rural broadband initiative. And Alamo is one of the seven communities in West Tennessee that received the money. One woman who lives here says this is a great addition to downtown Alamo. “Myself i don’t have unlimited on my phone, so when i can get away with it at work. You know on break and at lunch i

Gibson County's election day

It’s a big day for the city of Milan, it’s election day. I’m out at the polls and a lot of people are coming through to cast their vote. “It’s always important to vote. It’s important to let Nashville know that Milan has a voice and we need to be heard,” says Christie Jones. That is exactly what Milan city residents like Christie Jones did today as they voted for city mayor. Jones shares some of the reasons that brought her out to the polls. “Just more job security, more people coming in, more people supporting Milan, that's it,” says Jones. Milan’s mayoral race is between incumbent BW Beasley and alderman Tammy Floyd-Wade. They each talk about the things they would focus on if elected. “Rec

Made in Tennessee: Graceland

Elvis Presley made his mark as the king of rock, and his name and legacy continue to live on… especially in Graceland, a museum completely dedicated to all things Elvis. More than 20 million people have walked through Graceland to get a glimpse at the side of Elvis not many people got to see --- including Presley motors. According to Graceland officials, Elvis had and gifted many cars and only about ten percent are on display. 15 of Elvis’ cars are parked here at presley motors including the stuts blackhawk, the last car he was ever seen driving. But even with all these cars here no one really knows how many cars Elvis had throughout his lifetime. Elvis would be 85 years old if he we

UM Lambuth poverty simulation

Food vouchers, fake money, it’s all part of a poverty simulation that University of Memphis Lambuth students are going through today. Let’s see how they survive. Nursing students were put into scenarios that people go through every single day. "I'm playing a 19 year old single mom and I have a one year old,” says Hailey Hudgings. They had to face challenges like not having transportation to work, and not having enough money to pay their bills. “The hardest part is going to be getting to places and making sure you have everything you need especially money wise, EBT cards, making sure you have everything,” says Hailey Hudgings. The entire experience was to help nursing students broaden their u

Students Learn More About Living Healthy

I'm here at JCM Early College’s health fair and as you can see behind me the students are pumped up and taking a break from the books, but they are learning more about their health. “Yes, it was. Legs burning, it was a lot to do. It was a good workout", says Nya Phillips. Students at JCM Early College High danced, stepped, and learned how to live a healthier life. D -180 fitness instructor Denair Woodard showed students a fun twist on exercising. “With extreme hip hop we relate to their type of music we just put an old school feel, as far as the movements with the new music", says Woodard. After students worked out they met with reps from Complete Dental, The Health Department, the Anti Drug

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