Communities Join to Help Those in Need

After saturday’s wind storm that affected thousands of West Tennesseans, community members are coming together to help those without power, food, and water. With more rain moving into the area one local restaurant is giving back to the community that gave them. “My mother and father lost their home in the flood in january or february i guess it was and people came out of the wood works to help", says Candice Lineberry. The family owned bbq restaurant, Ramey’s, decided to help feed those in their community with free hot dogs. They cooked over five hundred hotdogs and had water and other snacks for people to take back home. Candice lineberry says it’s the least they can do. “This is the very l

NAACP responds to violent dispute between Liberty Tech student and SRO

More fallout tonight from a viral video showing a liberty tech resource officer macing a student then pulling her off a bus. Now the NAACP is getting involved. I’m outside of the NAACP where they met with the student in the video Josalynn Greer, to hear what she had to say about the dispute between her and the school resource officer at Liberty Tech. “The way he jerked me up you could tell he was mad and I feel like that was just extra because I had already calmed down,” says Greer. Yesterday Madison County Sheriff Mehr, as well as Jackson Madison County Superintendent Ray Washington supported the SRO’s actions as he tried to get a Liberty Technology Magnet High School student off the bus… t

Red Cross Sets up Shelter for Storm Victims

I am here in Selmer,Tennessee on Falcon road where most of the residents are still without power after this past weekend’s wind storm. The American Red Cross set up shelter right here in Selmer tn to help those residents out. “Just thankful”, says Emma Yarber. Emma Yarber and her family are just one of the many residents in Selmer still without power. Emma's mother, Amanda Yarber says, “we found our dog, wrapped up in the power line. Where it had fell, a tree fell and broke the power line in half.” The American Red Cross set up a shelter for families like the Yarbers. And they are more than happy. “It’s been, it’s a blessing, because we are going to take our first hot, hot shower tonight", s

Union University's annual day of service

Staff, faculty, and students here at Union University are taking the day off from classes today but no they wont just be sitting at home instead they will be celebrating their annual day of service. “Otherwise I could say I have class all day or this or that, and sometimes those are valid but today they just take all that away and say no you don’t go out into the community and do some good,” say students Jenna Wilson and Rachel Kangas. Around 800 students were a part of 50 projects today volunteering at local schools, churches, and non profits. After Union faced tornadoes in 2002, 2003, and 2008, and received major community support, the day of service is a way for them to say thank you and

Made in Tennessee: Humboldt Nutrition

After completing a low carb diet with her family one local woman decided to open up her own business to help make her community a little healthier. 23 year old Sarah White decided to bring a healthy alternative to Humboldt when she saw she was not reaching her full potential at her past job. Owner, Sarah White says, “Make a difference in my community. And help people live a happier healthier life.” Humboldt Nutrition celebrated their grand opening today with a ribbon cutting. The store offers meal replacement shakes and teas that are filled with protein and vitamins. “Not everybody knows that the stuff they are putting in their body is not really the best for them, so that’s what I feel like

Decatur County suffers from extreme wind storms

Storms hit so strong this weekend here in Decatur County that trees just like this one flew right out of the ground, but Decatur County residents say damages like these are only the beginning of what they saw. “We got trees down in our yard, wind are blowing everywhere, power lines are down and we have not had power since Saturday at 1 o clock,” says Tracy Young. A huge wind storm that passed through this past weekend caused damages to multiple cities in West Tennessee and all throughout Decatur County. As a result more than 5 thousand residents were left without power, leaving them without food or water. “We have absolutely nothing, the shelves are empty and there's nothing we can do but si

Suspect indicted in Cayce McDaniel's disappearance

Cayce McDaniels disappearance has been a mystery here in the city of Milan. 23 years later the family is finally getting some answers. In 1996, 14 year old Cayce McDaniel went missing. 23 years after her disappearance, the Gibson County grand jury indicted 67 year old Pete Hill with two counts of first degree murder and two counts of aggravated rape. “It's taken a lot of prayers, a lot of patience to be able to be in this place,” says brother Randy McDaniel. Cayce’s brother Randy McDaniel says they are glad to be taking this step but it hasn’t given them the closure they need. “It’s a beginning. My main concern is lets find Cayce lets bring her back home, give her a proper burial," says McDa

One of a kind fundraiser remembering Tyler Spann

Tyler Spann used to be a student here at Lexington High School until he faced a tragedy and drowned in June of last year at Panama City Beach, Florida. Today, his friends are honoring him and carrying on his legacy. Spann would have turned 17 years old this week. For his birthday, his friends along with the Tyler Spann Foundation are holding a crayon drive to raise crayons for all the elementary schools in Henderson county. "Tyler always had a smile on his face and he loved helping others so this is just a way to remember him and teach others about giving back,” says teacher Brooklyn Hudson. Spann’s football number was the number 24, and his friends say growing up he loved the blue crayola c

Lifeline blood services is in critical need

The lobby here at Lifeline Blood Services is currently completely empty which is why they're reaching out into the community and asking for help and for people to donate and help save lives like the one of Meagan Jordan's daughter. When Jordan’s daughter Harper was born she went through 42 blood transfusions, and she says without blood donors her daughter would not be here. “And she had about, an estimated about 100 percent blood loss at birth so she was perfect right off the bat and after a couple hours started to decompensate,"says Jordan. But right now, Lifeline is not able to respond like they have before… they are in what they refer to as dangerously low and as a critical need for all t

Skull Found in Gibson County has been Identified

Saturday afternoon the Gibson County Sheriff's Office responded to a call that a dog found skull in wooded area in Gibson County and now after working with other law enforcement agencies, they have updates. Gibson County Sheriff, Paul Thomas says, “The guy was just walking his dogs and they were playing and running, in and out of the woods, running up on him and he just turned around and one of them had it in his mouth.” 22 - year old Sarah Michelle Phillips went missing in January of this year. Tuesday afternoon the Gibson County sheriff's office identified the found skull as remains of Phillips. The confirmation came from the medical examiner in Memphis. “You know we got a lot of w

Governor Lee visits schools in rural communities

West Chester Elementary School got a special visit today from Governor Bill Lee. He walked through these halls, spoke to teachers and the principal, all to see what he can do to help improve public education. “And how it is we can strengthen, support, and enhance our public school system in Tennessee,” says Governor Lee. West Chester Elementary was one of the couple of stops Governor Bill Lee made today. He is visiting schools all over Tennessee, from urban areas, to rural ones like Chester County. "Rural Tennessee is very important to me as you know we believe that what happens in rural counties really impacts the entire state,” says Governor Lee. Principal of West Chester elementary school

Made in Tennessee: Lee's famous recipe chicken

For more than 34 years, Lee's famous recipe chicken sat in this empty spot right behind me but they’ve grown so much over time that today they're in a new location. Last Thursday the old building was demolished, and Lee’s is now located directly behind their old store. This is something they have been planning for about five years and today it was put into fruition “We put out a lot of chicken but were going to be able to do more and better up here,” says John Erdmann. Fisher Construction who helped Lee’s with the move says it was an opportunity to see their growth in the Milan community. “It was a great opportunity to be able to move them, build them a new building, see them tear down the o

Ways to put bullying prevention month into action

Yesterday 39 News brought you a story of a Jackson Madison County student who has been experiencing bullying. Today we are at Jackson State Community College to talk with an expert about the topic of bullying. That case of bullying is just one of many more that occur every day all over the nation. According to Vivian Grooms, dean of social and behavioral sciences at Jackson State Community College, more than 80 percent of people report that they were bullied… and it starts as early as elementary school. “They begin learning it in elementary school in excluding friends from groups and saying things like I wont be your friend if you don't do different things,” says Grooms. Bullying can be seen

The District Rolls Out Plans for Two Local Schools

After questions from the school board about the process of a new location for JCM and Madison Academic interim superintendent, Ray Washington, invites the school board and the community to see what the plans are. Color swatches, blue prints, and sketches lined the library of Jackson Central Merry High. Each giving a closer look into what the future for Jackson Madison County Schools could look like. “It feels good to at least be able to display something for people to see what our intentions are and what it could look like", says Washington. With over 14 million dollars in needed repairs it was decided that building a new school is the better option for Madison Academic. Madison will be buil

Mother seeks justice, JMCSS investigates

One student from Southside High School hasn’t been back to school in months, and his mom says she is sad to know his missing out on his education. “My son's education is beyond dropped because he's been here and he hasn’t been in school,” says mother Angel Barton. After Angel Barton's son got bullied and even allegedly punched by a 12th grader, he was scared to go back to school. “So now i'm here, my sons been out of school for 4 months now, he's crying every day, i'm crying for him because I cant do anything for him," says Barton. Barton says the issue progressed and her son still has not been allowed to go back so she took it to the Jackson Madison County school board meeting. Her only goa

A look into October's JMCSS board meeting

Last night's Jackson Madison County school board meeting was completely full with a majority of the audience supporting school board member Doris Black. “I came for justice. I'm here to support Doris, Miss Black,” says community member Shelia Godwin. The NAACP and other community members showed their support and shared what they think about the petition to recall Black. Black says she had not seen this support before last night and is feeling more motivated before her recall election on December 10th. “I felt empowered I really did because I know now. At first all I saw was the naysayers but now I know people are really looking and listening to the news and figuring out what exactly is the t

Made in Tennessee: Todd Family Fun Farm

“We started with nothing but a big field", says Todd Family Fun Farm owner, Martha Todd. The Todds opened their family fun farm 10 years ago after someone mentioned the idea to them at the Jackson farmers market. Owner, Martha Todd, says that this was a new door for her and her husband but she is glad she had help from friends and family. “We did not know everything when we got started. But we were able to learn from others across the state that had done it for several years.” The family fun farm was built by the Todds from scratch. Every maze, game, and swing. And they pride themselves on the opportunity for visitors to have good country fun. “They just love the fact that it is country and

13th birthday celebrated with St. Jude fundraiser

The community sung happy birthday for Dallas Weddle’s 13th birthday. The birthday celebration took place at Jackson city hall and it was all for a good cause. Instead of receiving gifts on his birthday, Dallas wanted to give one to St. Jude. Everybody in here is not only celebrating Dalla0's birthday but they're also supporting St. Jude and that’s exactly what Dallas wanted for his birthday after the journey he's been on and all the support he's gotten from St. Jude. “I'm a patient at St. Jude and I would like to give back to St. Jude for all the nice things they do because you don’t have to pay nothing,” says Dallas Weddle. Dallas has been a patient at st Jude children's research hospital f

First responders prepare for natural disasters

Cries for help filled the University of Memphis Lambuth's campus this morning. “Just trying to see what they need to do next. Helicopters are here, we think we may have a medivac emergency where we may need to fly one out of here soon so that’s the early report,” says PIO for the Madison County Sheriff's Dept. Tom Mapes. People were hurt, branches had flown, objects were everywhere but it was just a tornado simulation and a way for first responders and nursing students to prepare for natural disasters. The Jackson fire department, Madison County fire department, sheriff's office, the police department, EMA and JEA were all involved in today's tornado disaster drill. The goal of this was for

A Local School Adds a New Facility for Female Students

So, it might look like I’m just walking in an open field. Which I am, but soon it will be the location for a new athletic facility for female athletes at the University School of Jackson. After months of planning the university school of jackson’s board of trustees approved the building of an athletic locker room for female athletes. USJ Athletic Director, Michael Stroup, says “You know we are just excited, to get it started, you know it’s taken months to get it right. There has been a lot of thought and planning going into this." Usually before games the female athletes will change and get ready for at home or in the school’s restrooms. This new facility will give them the opportunity to ge

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