City of Jackson streets vandalized

The city of Jackson’s street department has been working on improving and fixing city streets. Earlier this week they were paving a sidewalk on the corner of College Street and Hays Street in East Jackson. They finished, and when they came back Wednesday night to see how it looked, they found something else waiting for them instead. The freshly paved sidewalk had been vandalized with names, curse words, and gang signs. “It's hard work anyway when we have to come behind people that vandalize it that’s what makes it rough on us," says Lowe. Concrete supervisor for the city of Jackson Tommy Lowe says this is not the first time this has happened to them, and he says it makes their job a lot more

Major changes in healthcare coming to Gibson County

“It’s a sad day,” says Humboldt city Mayor Marvin Sikes. The city of Humboldt will soon be saying goodbye to its emergency room, outpatient lab and radiology services all located at the Humboldt medical center. "Anytime in a city when you lose anything it's bad, but when you lose your healthcare facility its even worse,” says Mayor Sikes. West Tennessee Healthcare is making some changes to their healthcare in Gibson county after saying that emergency department visits in Humboldt have dropped significantly over the past five years. As one door closes in Humboldt, another door opens with the huge investment the Milan general hospital will be seeing.” West Tennessee Healthcare is investing mor

Chickasaw State Park hosts Tennessee Serves event

Tennessee Serves is an initiative started by First Lady Maria Lee that encourages Tennesseans to step up and serve in their communities. This month's challenge encourages people to go lend a hand at their local state park and that is exactly what volunteers were doing all day long at Chickasaw State Park. “Just to give us a helping hand in making the parks beautiful for everybody,” says park ranger Scott Easley. About 15 volunteers spent the day on Lake Lajoie trail and by the end it was unrecognizable. The path starts right here and they are cleaning and clearing up the entire mile and a half just as a way to give back to the community. “Fallen trees over the trails were using chainsaws to

Family Remembers Marcus Maxwell After A Weekend Shooting

“Funny, caring, loving, he was a good person, he loved his daughter", says Kierra Clark, Marcus Maxwell's daughter's mother. 23 year old Marcus Maxwell was one of the victims who lost his life early Saturday morning at Elite Bar and Grill. Marcus grew up in Jackson and played football at Northside High School. The Maxwell family mourn their loss but are keeping marcus alive through a memorial. “My brother was an all around person. He gone make you laugh from the time you see him until the time you leave", says sister Autumn Maxwell. Marcus’ sister, Autumn Maxwell, remembers him as the loving brother she grew up with. “Oh. He love his family, he always protected his family. He was a, he was h

Governor Lee Tours JCM Early College High

"You know, four years ago early college high was an idea.” JCM Early College High graduated their first class this may and now have the attention of the governor. The high school focuses on giving students more than a highschool diploma when they graduate. Some students receive an associates degree and others get hands on experience in the workforce. (nathan lewis – jcm principal) Principal, Nathan Lewis, says this program could be successful across the state,“and it’s great to now to see and to show this kind of program can be successful in Tennessee.” Governor bill lee spoke to students both on the path to an associates degree and those who work at Stanley Black and Decker through the loca

A Local Festival Approaches

Later this month downtown Jackson will completely change as Jackson's International Food and Art Festival approaches. Main street will be filled with vendors with food and art representing different cultures across the country. “The mission was to embrace the people here in jackson and in west tennessee and i think we have achieved that goal", says festival co chair, Eudardo Morales. The Jackson International Food and Art Festival began six years ago. The attendance has grown from 2,000 people in attendance to last years 10,000. Co chair of the festival Dr. Sandra Dee says this festival allows the community to experience other cultures. "I believe if you experience and connect with other peo

Union University plans for the next 20 years

Major transformations are coming to Union University in the future. A campus master plan was approved that will guide campus development over the next 20 years. "One of the core values at union is that we're future directed which means that were constantly thinking about the future and were trying to equip students for the future," says President Dub Oliver. The plan includes many different renovations that would take place all around campus. Just a couple of them include a new welcome center, extending the great lawn all the way to the bypass, and what seems to be everybody's favorite building a new chapel. “The thing i'm most excited for is the new chapel," says President Oliver. "I'm also

Jackson State's OTA Program is Excited about Successful Students

Excited for school? “We were texting each other, I was like this is not real." These two first year occupational therapy students explained how they felt when they received their admittance letter. There is a growing need for occupational therapy assistants in the region and Jackson State Community College is helping to supply them. “You get more of like a connection feel to people when you are in this type of work. It’s not just work, it’s more fun than that.” The occupational therapy assistant or o-t-a program at Jackson State recently graduated their third class. And the entire class passed their national board exams. This exam is required to receive certification, licensure, and to get a

Tips and tricks for Fall gardening

Fall is right around the corner and although the weather does not seem to be changing yet experts say now is the time to start getting ready for the new season. “The fall color, the trees, the cooler temperature, pumpkins its that season,” says James Wick. There are many things they recommend people do so they can plant their fall garden on time starting with removing some of the plants that are fading out, checking for diseases and insects, and mulching. "Weed out your beds really really well and then put down an additional layer of mulch to help insulate those roots for the coming winter months,” says Celeste Scott. In West Tennessee the fall weather are some of the driest months so one o

Lane College remembers 9/11

Lane College had a walk to remember in memory of 9/11, and the 18th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attack. “I'm here to honor those who lost their lives in 9/11 and those who were injured,” says Carmen Holmes. The event was sponsored by the Lane College frontline veterans. Students started with a prayer and then with a flag in hand started their walk. The students started the walk right here at Bray hall and made their way all the way around campus. It's not a very long walk but what it represents is huge. “We want to do it to remember those who died, who were attacked, the families, and they can relate as well because they have families and loved ones who have gone to serve our count

Jackson Fire Departments Remembers Heroic First Responders

18 years ago today tragedy struck the country. “There was a gut wrenching pain, I was working that day.” September 11th is observed as Patriot Day to remember the heroes and victims of attacks in 2001. The Jackson Fire Department held a ceremony to pay their respects to all first responders. “And that’s why each year we celebrate and commemorate the loss the heroes and the victims.” The fire department had a moment of silence, prayer, and tolled the bell in honor of the 18th anniversary. Fire Chief, Darryl Samuels, says that remembering the past helps the future. “If you remember the past and live in the present. Then you can plan a better future.” History surrounds communities across the wo

Local Car Wash Honors First Responders on 9/11

A local car wash joins in today to honor victims and survivors of the two thousand and one attacks. Auto clean express honors first responders in jackson by giving them a free premium car wash. First responders received this free car wash for their work vehicle and personal vehicle. The car wash will continue this giveaway every year for first responders. Owner of the car wash… kevin robertson… says that this is just a small way they can give back. “What’s really fun is just really meeting these people in the community and they’re so appreciative you know. And to me.. it’s a very small way for us to give back.”

Lane College holds suicide awareness event and art show

“Into the light, let hope shine,” says Kimberly Morris. That is the title of the event Lane College held today and that is also what they wanted everyone to leave with.. hope. “We want the community to know there's hope and support out there and you're not alone,” says Morris. Lane honored suicide awareness month with a suicide awareness and prevention event. The biggest part of the event was the art show that featured inspiring pieces that students made themselves. “I just started painting with the strokes but I put on my painting it goes dark to light and that’s the darkness that tries to overtake it but my light will always shine through,” says Alexandra Perpener. This is the first year t

The West Tennessee State Fair opens for year 164

Rides are gearing up and the ribbon is cut. The West Tennessee State Fair opens their gates this week for the 164th time. The west tennessee state fair saw over 30 thousand people last year and hope to see even more this year. Fair director… kelly broadway… says that this fair has a little something for everyone. “So, kids can ride rides, grandparents can come and check out all the exhibits, all the wonderful food that everyone loves.” Food… food… and more food. Food trucks line the fairground ready for all the hungry fair attendees this week. But there is one food stop that most look forward to. “Well obviously i have to have the chicken shack chicken.” Thousands of people come from across

A Local Restaurant Raises Awareness for Suicide

A local restaurant joins in to raise awareness about suicide this month. Continuing our coverage on suicide awareness and prevention month, 39 news visits Twist. This month Twist is raising money that will be donated to a suicide prevention hotline. A portion of dinner sales for the whole month of september will go towards the donation. Food and beverage director at Twist, Michael Tessaro, lost his son to suicide in 2015. He hopes raising awareness gives people courage to speak up. “It’s okay to stand up and speak, its okay to say hey do you need help. Or if you say. I’m fine, dig a little deeper, because ‘im fine’ usually means help me, save me.”

Local Mom Wants to Raise Awareness for Suicide Prevention

“This is a bigger problem that what people realize.” More than 900 people die from suicide in Tennessee each year and suicide is the third leading cause of death for young adults ages 15 to 24 in the state of Tennessee. The Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department is teaming up with the Center for Disease Control and the Tennessee Department of Health for suicide prevention month. Health Educator at the Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department says, “We are just hoping to bring more awareness to the fact that this is a bigger problem than people realize. And we shouldn’t just stop at september as being an awareness month.” Although september is dedicated to raising awarenes

ARM helps individuals like Terrance Merry every day

Terrance Merry spends his days working for fresh start cutting grass at the cemetery and other businesses around Jackson. He then goes home to the turning point house, a house for men who were once homeless. But it is no coincidence that fresh start, and turning point are a big part of his life because for Merry that is exactly what he did. Just 5 years ago Merry was homeless living out of a tent in the woods of Jackson, until he found Area Relief Ministries, or ARM. “They brought me food, they brought me things i needed, gave me a part time job. It may not sound like much but id rather do this and have some change in my pocket than do nothing and not have anything,” says Merry. Now, Merry i

Jackson city council has long term plan for financial stability

Jackson’s city budget was the talk of the city council meeting this morning. Resolutions passed without opposition that enable to borrowing of up to 6.2 million of dollars in bonds and refunding some bonds issued in 2009. “What we're trying to do with our restructuring, refinancing, refunding is to reduce that large debt payment, stretch those payments out further and lock in some fixed interest rates on some of our variable debt," says Mayor Scott Conger. The city’s budget committee approved a capital plan last month and that is now the framework to determine just how much the city needs to borrow. The debt structure over the next four years are high payments of about 10 million dollars but

The Jurnett brothers make a special unveiling for Labor Day

The epic 5 of Crockett County, also known as the Jurnett brothers made a special unveiling during the Labor Day holiday. Each one of the Jurnett brothers came up one by one. They remembered the time they spent serving their country together as well as when they were in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. Only the second time five brothers have simultaneously served in a war. “A lot of people don’t know it but a veteran isn’t just someone who puts on a uniform and fight for their country. They are a person who dies for their country, someone who cries for their country, they sacrifice for their families,” says Tommy Jurnett. And with the monument that was unveiled today in the

Made In Tennessee: Saucy Jake's

After a dream in 2010 and a walk of faith Saucy Jake's Street Food opened for business in 2016. The dream, was the original Saucy Jakes Sauce. Jacob Richmond, owner, says it all came to him at 3 AM,“It’s about 3 o clock in the morning and i am making this sauce and she probably thought she was crazy. Because she woke up and she smelled. Like what are you doing?” Jacob and Regina Richmond both were tired of working for others and decided they wanted a change. “We decided we were going to step out on faith and it was time to do something different", says owner Regina Richmond. Although the couple wanted a change, opening a new business was a little scary. “We gone step out here and do this tru

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